allowlist is-allowed

lceth allowlist is-allowed [flags]


      --address address     Account's address (default 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000)
  -b, --block blockNumber   Optional the block number on which the call should be performed (default latest)
      --from address        Optional call's sender address in hex format with 0x prefix (default 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000)
  -h, --help                help for is-allowed
      --op string           Operation (default "deposit")
      --pending             Optional whether to operate on the pending state or the last known one

Options inherited from parent commands

      --allowlist-addr string            Address of the Allowlist contract [env: ALLOWLIST_ADDR]
      --deployment-block uint            Deployment block of the contracts [env: DEPLOYMENT_BLOCK]
      --el-fee-recipient-addr string     Address of the Execution Layer fee recipient contract [env: EL_FEE_RECIPIENT_ADDR]
      --eth-el-addr string               JSON-RPC address of the Ethereum execution layer node to connect to [env: ETH_EL_ADDR]
      --keystore-password string         Password used to encrypt key files [env: KEYSTORE_PASSWORD]
      --keystore-path string             Directory where to store keys [env: KEYSTORE_PATH]
      --operators-registry-addr string   Address of the Operators Registry contract [env: OPERATORS_REGISTRY_ADDR]
      --oracle-addr string               Address of the Oracle contract [env: ORACLE_ADDR]
      --river-addr string                Address of the River contract [env: RIVER_ADDR]
      --tlc-addr string                  Address of the TLC contract [env: TLC_ADDR]
      --withdraw-addr string             Address of the Withdraw contract [env: WITHDRAW_ADDR]
      --wlsEth-addr string               Address of the WlsEth contract [env: WLSETH_ADDR]


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