Platform Operations

Platforms provide a seamless on-ramp and access for users to interact with the Liquid Collective protocol.

Platforms provide a seamless on-ramp and access for users to interact with the Liquid Collective protocol. There are two types of Liquid Collective Platforms.

Platforms that enable LsETH minting and redemption

  • These Platforms enable direct Liquid Collective protocol interactions, including depositing ETH to Ethereum's deposit contract and redeeming LsETH for ETH (minting and redeeming).

  • They conduct know-your-customer (KYC) and anti money laundering (AML) checks on their users, and submit approved user addresses to Liquid Collective's Allowlist.

  • These Platforms then provide a path to deposit and withdraw staked tokens.

In other words, KYC'd users who utilize a Platform's services can deposit to Liquid Collective and mint LsETH.

[!NOTE] Users, also called stakers, are entities interested in staking ETH using the Liquid Collective protocol to mint the LsETH receipt token in return, evidencing their legal and beneficial ownership of the staked ETH plus rewards accrued and minus any fees or penalties. Before depositing ETH and minting LsETH, a user needs to go through an effective KYC/AML and sanctions screening process. After successfully completing the KYC/AML and sanctions screening process with a Platform, the user's wallet address can be added to Liquid Collective's Allowlist smart contract, authorizing deposit and redemption transactions.

Platforms that enable secondary interactions

  • These Platforms do not enable minting, redeeming, or direct Liquid Collective protocol interactions, but do enable secondary protocol interactions such as trading, lending, or other services not required to Allowlist KYC/AML wallet addresses.

  • Users of these Platforms can seamlessly interact with LsETH, and may accrue Ethereum's consensus and execution layer network rewards simply by holding LsETH.

By default, LsETH holders can transfer LsETH.

Enterprise integration APIs

The Liquid Collective protocol currently uses Alluvial's API services to facilitate Platform onboarding. Platform guides can be found in the Alluvial documentation.

Platforms offering KYC procedures for their users may submit user wallet addresses using the Alluvial Onboarding API to register the addresses with the Liquid Collective Allowlist contract.

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