Staking Amounts

Users can deposit and stake any amount of ETH

Liquid Collective allows users to deposit and stake any amount of ETH, not just 32 ETH (the minimum required to operate a full validator). Deposited ETH are gathered into an ETH smart contract account as fungible bulk. ETH in the account are regularly delegated to validators in a round-robin manner as the account reaches a balance of 32 ETH.

Each staker retains legal and beneficial ownership of an amount of ETH that is equivalent to the amount of ETH that was deposited by the staker, as evidenced by its LsETH receipt token. Receipt tokens like LsETH evidence legal and beneficial ownership of the deposited token, and ownership of the token is maintained throughout the life of the receipt token.


The Liquid Collective protocol is non-custodial. Deposited ETH is sent by the protocol to the Ethereum deposit contract. LsETH is also self-custodied, so LsETH holders have complete control over their LsETH and can pick any preferred custody solution.

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